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Success Story: Custom Light Tables

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Another great solution from the J.H. Bennett Technical Services Team (learn more about what they can do here)!

Our customer needed better lighting on work that was being performed overhead. Portable floor lights and hanging work lights got in the way, didn't provide enough light, only lit a small area, and constantly had to be moved in order for the assembler to light the area they were working on. This all was a waste of time, a trip hazard, and most importantly, slowing down work.

By using the JHB Adjustable Height Work Table as a base, we were able to attach these high powered LED lights to the table providing great lighting to the entirety of the above work area. The table also has easily accessible plugs, room to set down tools, and keeps all the cords nicely tucked underneath to prevent a trip hazard.

This table is 100% customizable for your specific work station needs. Give us a call today to get a custom built light table for your above head work.


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