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Solution Focused: The J.H. Bennett Next Gen FRL

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

The Next Gen FRL was designed by the J.H. Bennett technical service team to meet the needs of our customers. The previous standard for FRL systems, the Orsco Style (piped) FRL system, is a great system and still provides great results for some of our customers. However, for many of our customers they need a system that is smaller, easier to install, easier to upgrade/modify, and just more adaptable to the ever present need for change within their business. That is why we gathered our customers, engineers, and sales engineers to design the Next Gen FRL. With thousands of units built over the years, our Next Gen FRL has proven itself as an efficient and dependable system that provides for all our customers FRL needs.

Some of the the top features of the Next Gen FRL are:

  • reduces required overhead line space

  • is 30% lighter than standard Orsco style (piped) applications

  • has reduced leak points

  • Allows for 6 lube outputs within 30” vs. 48-72” for piped style FRL

  • Easy conversion from a single to a double or triple FRL

The Next Gen FRL offers many benefits over the Orsco Style FRL system. However, we understand that all of our customers' needs are unique and a complete retooling may not be possible or right for them. That is why we continue to work on Orsco Style FRL systems. No matter your FRL needs, give us a call today to help.

You can learn about the Next FRL benefits here:

Next Gen FRL
Download PDF • 326KB


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