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Should You Upgrade To An Air Driven Hydraulic Power Unit?

Are you machining parts or performing metal removal? Are you using hydraulic clamps or work supports?

If you are, you are probably familiar with overheating hydraulic power units, or you have experienced enough pressure drop for your work piece to become loose, which leads to it being ruined or worse, an injury. JH Bennett has a solution for those problems! It is time to stop relying on the electrically driven hydraulic unit and install a Hydronic air driven power unit instead.

Unlike electrically driven units that continuously pump oil even when no flow is required, leading to wasted energy and heat build-up, Hydronic pumps stall at their set pressure and hold that pressure indefinitely, without leaking. What that means for you is lower energy costs, no heat, quieter operation, and most importantly, your workpiece will stay exactly where it is supposed to during the machining process. As an added bonus, they only require compressed air to operate, so you don’t have to drop an electrical line…apologies to the electricians! With working pressures of up to 50,000 PSI and the ability to pump exotic fluids, Hydronic pumps can do what traditional hydraulic pumps cannot.

Benefits of Hydronic Air Driven Power Units vs Electrically Driven Units

  • Stall and hold pressure at set point

  • Reduced energy costs

  • Reduced/very little heat

  • Quieter operation

  • Reduced movement in workpiece during machining process

  • No electrical require - only need compressed air

  • Working pressure up to 50,000 PSI

  • Exotic fluid capable

Contact JH Bennett today to learn more about the multiple models and options available!


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