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Safely Depressurize Pneumatic Systems

Safely depressurize your pneumatic system with Versa lockout valves. Check out this great article from Versa Valves.


Pneumatic Lock Out Valves Can Prevent Serious Injury or Death

Posted by Gregory Samman on Jul 8, 2020 9:45:00 AM

Pneumatic systems perform tasks that require energy in the form of pressure, which is stored in a compressor tank, accumulators, or pressure lines.  When maintaining, repairing, or replacing components, that portion of the system must be safely depressurized.

To properly depressurize, a 3-way palm button actuated Versa LOCKOUT Valve is a recognized systematic approach that blocks the inlet port and exhausts the downstream pressure to meet OSHA requirements. The final step to ensure that the system remains safe for the worker(s) is the placement of a padlock on the Versa LOCKOUT Valve in the desired position. This prevents someone from accidentally introducing pressure, which could seriously injure or kill the worker.

Versa Products Co., Inc. manufacturers the highest quality, most reliable LOCKOUT Valves in the industry. Our valves are bubble tight to ensure that no creeping is introduced into the system. Versa LOCKOUT Valves are available in sizes from 1/8” to 1-1/4” as either body-ported or manifold mounted. 


View the original article here. J.H. Bennett is an authorized dealer of Versa Valves. If you have questions or would like to purchase contact J.H. Bennett today.


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