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May & June Employee Anniversaries

J.H. Bennett & Company, Inc. wants to congratulate our May & June employee owner anniversaries! Our business success is 100% a result of each and every one of our employee owners' effort and dedication to providing our customers with a great experience.

As an ESOP we focus on hiring AND retaining employee owners who strive to master their craft. Our veteran employees bring years of experience and knowledge to our team (Our average employment length is 14 years!). Our newest hires provide insight into new technologies/techniques, along with some great energy. We think what we have here at J.H. Bennett is pretty special and we want to thank you for allowing us to share it with you. You can learn more about our ESOP here:

To our May & June anniversaries – thank you for making J.H. Bennett what it is. We are lucky to have you!

Jan Oplinger - 42 years Craig Perkins - 32 years Steve Selmants - 31 years Steve Hendrie - 27 years Dustin Evans - 24 years Don Weber - 21 years Lynn Domka - 21 years Mike Poniewierski - 20 years Rick Naughton - 20 years Russ Smith - 18 years Mike Polarolo - 17 years Jeff Ferl - 15 years Rick Roth - 14 years Steve Cassel - 9 years Susan Cordes - 8 years Joey Selmants - 5 years David Kornoely - 5 years Michael Williams - 4 years Bill Gillies - 2 years


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