Low PSI? We have a Solution.

Do you need more air pressure? Check out our custom solution.

This PSI Booster was originally built to solve one of our customers air pressure issues and has become a great seller for us. Our original customer has a larger manufacturing plant that was experiencing a drop in air pressure on equipment the farther it was located from their main supply source. So, the J.H. Bennett & Company, Inc. technical services team went to work and created this PSI Booster for them. This device easily connects into the supply line of a pneumatic system allowing for the operator to manually adjust the air pressure based on their exact needs. With easy to read gauges and a compact design mounted onto a single plate, this package is a breeze to install, even in tight spaces.

This solution keeps our customers up and running at full capacity! Give us a call today to learn how we can help fix your air pressure challenges.

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