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Laser Cutting Assist Gas

For laser cutting gas control systems, Proportion-Air is an industry leader. Here is a great highlight of their QB3H. As an authorized dealer, J.H. Bennett can help answer any of your questions and supply you with Proportion-Air products at a great price.


Laser Cutting Assist Gas

Laser cutting equipment requires a wide range of pressures and control of specific laser cutting assist gas based on the material to be cut. Steel cutting machines often require higher pressures as well.

The QB3H was developed (by Proportion-Air) specifically for laser cutting applications where oxygen was being used as a piercing gas and they required pressures as high as 500 psig. The QB3H can provide variable gas pressure based on metal type, thickness and cutting speed. It is controlled via computer or PLC and its analog monitor signal can be taken back to the controller for data acquisition.

The QB3H is very durable, resistant to shock and vibration and can be mounted in any orientation. It can be cleaned for oxygen compatibility and provides flow rates up to 50 SCFM.

Learn more about the QB3H here.


*You can find the original article from Proportion-Air here.

Check out their website to discover other great products offered by Proportion-Air.


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