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JHB ID Lubrication Solution

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Frame Bending Lubrication Controller & Nozzle

This J.H. Bennett custom built modular lubrication system is perfect for any ID lubrication application!

Our bore application and metal tube bending customers love this system because it easily integrates into their current auto bend systems, reduces oil usage, increases oil application consistency on product, and keeps work area cleaner/safer since oil is applied more precisely onto product.

G-Force Lubrication Wand

The G-Force Lubrication wand utilizes a dump valve along with a spinning nozzle head which provides a consistent 360 degree distribution of oil. This system also reduces dripping and atomization of the oil as it is applied to the inside of the product. The lubrication wand easily mounts/clamps onto many cylinder systems that are typically used in auto bending processes.

The modular controller is contained in a small box which is easy to mount and protects the system. Within the box, the manual adjustment dials allow for RPM adjustments of the wand nozzle head to ensure a proper distribution of oil. The box easily connect to your current PLC+HMI system so you can have this package up and running quickly and easily.

Frame Bending Lubrication Controller & Nozzle

The J.H. Bennett Technical Services team is ready to help set up your lubrication system today. Give us a call to schedule an appointment with one of our sales engineers, get more information on this system, or to place your order.


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