J.H. Bennett Is Now An Authorized Distributor for The Monnier Companies

J.H. Bennett is proud to announce that we are now an authorized distributor for The Monnier Companies group of products -

Monnier, Flairline, & Hydronic!


Monnier, Inc. is a manufacturer of air preparation products. They have the ability to customize products per a customer’s requirements. From something simple, like anodizing a unit a particular color, to something complex, like designing and building a completely custom pneumatic solution, Monnier is an OEMs best friend.


Flairline is a manufacturer of pneumatic cylinders, check valves, flow controls, and silencers. Flairline is well known for their round-body, repairable cylinders, but they also manufacture NFPA tie-rod cylinders (up to 10” bore), and custom cylinders for a variety of industries. Their check valves and flow controls feature a unique dilating o-ring design, with no moving parts. This allows for bubble tight operation and extremely long life.


Hydronic is a manufacturer of air-driven hydraulic pumps and power units. They pump in both directions for a smoother flow and can achieve flows of up to 6GPM with pressures of up to 52,000PSI. They are very commonly used in intermittent or static hydraulic applications, like work-holding or clamping, because they do not generate heat like an electric driven hydraulic unit.


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