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J.H. Bennett is Now An Authorized Distributor for Flairline

J.H. Bennett is proud to announce that we are now an authorized distributor for Flairline

Flairline is a Michigan based manufacturer of pneumatic actuators, valves, and silencers. They are well known for their round body, repairable, NFPA mount cylinders, as well as their traditional NFPA tie-rod offering. The Flairline check valve and flow control valves are simply the best design on the market. They work on a very simple dilating O-ring design, so there are no moving parts, and they are capable of bubble-tight operation. Their Boretti brand silencers are also widely acknowledged to dampen sound from air exhaust better than any other silencer available.

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Flairline is a part of the The Monnier Companies Group.

The Monnier Companies group of products -

Monnier, Flairline, & Hydronic


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