J.H. Bennett is Not Your Average Distributor - We are Solution Focused

Most people think distributors just act as a salesforce and middleman for the manufacturers they represent. That is true for most distributors, but J.H. Bennett & Company, Inc. is much more than that!

The mission of our sales team is to find solutions for our customers' problems. Many problems can be solved by an off-the-shelf product from one of the more than 100 manufacturers we represent. However, in some cases, the customer desires more than what is available from a catalog, and that is where J.H. Bennett & Company, Inc. shines.

We recently worked with an OEM who was using an off-the-shelf gauge. It worked, but their customers weren’t always sure what the correct pressure output should be. What pressure is too low? What is too high? So, we worked with one of our manufacturers to develop a gauge that would easily show whether they were operating within the right range. A simple solution? Yes, it was. It begs the question: Why didn’t someone else ask them what they really wanted before?

Don’t accept “good enough” solutions from your suppliers. Contact J.H. Bennett & Company, Inc. and get THE RIGHT SOLUTION!

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