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J.H. Bennett Custom Built Tables, Carts, & Racks

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Did you know that J.H. Bennett is more than a distributor?

Yes, our sales engineers work with our customers to help them find the best products as we are an authorized dealer for many of the top manufacturing companies you depend on. However, our sales engineers are more than distributors - they are problem solvers!

At J.H. Bennett our Technical Services department works to help create custom solutions for your business' unique challenges. When looking to increase productivity and save many, custom tables & racks are an extremely impactful and cost effective way to help your business run more efficiently. We see it all the time - a shop that is disorganized, has poorly designed work spaces, or is utilizing inefficient tables or storage, is wasting time and money!

Our Technical Services department focuses on building products that fit the specific needs of your business. Some of our most popular custom built racks and tables include:

~Rivet Spool Holders

~Roll Tables



~Gravity Feed Racks

~Display Stations

~Multipurpose Boards

~Electro-pneumatic integrated fixtures

Download the flier below to check out just more of the custom tables and racks we have designed and built to help our customers increase the efficiency of their businesses.

Our sales engineers are ready to help you today - give us a call.

Download the JHB Tables/Carts/Racks flyer below:

Download PDF • 889KB

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