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Heavy Duty Vacuum Area Grippers

The heavy duty area gripping system can be integrated into systems quickly and efficiently and includes a connection for external vacuum generation. Its integrated vacuum reservoir and robust, easy-to-maintain design, make it the perfect gripper for use in demanding and / or dirty environmental conditions. In addition, the heavy duty area gripping systems is ideal for pairing with industrial robots and gantries due to its low weight and compact dimensions. The foldable quick-change suction plate permits quick and easy maintenance of the gripper. In addition, a compact cylinder unit, a new clip-on valve film, and the quick-change foam enable highly optimized maintenance procedures.


  1. Wider suction plate for increased load

  2. Outstanding holding force for heavily porous and twisted workpieces thanks to integrated vacuum reservoir

  3. Handle workpieces from 50 mm width, regardless of geometry, surface and position

  4. Maximum acceleration within the process and reduced system costs through use of smaller robots

  5. Maintenance cost reduced by up to 70% through three-piece profile design

  6. Sustainable reduction of operating costs through flow optimization and more efficient use of energy

  7. High functional safety and minimized installation costs due to integrated vacuum and depositing valve

As an authorized distributor, J.H. Bennett is ready to help you figure out how a Schmalz Gripper can help your business today.


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