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Custom Build Pneumatic Lubrication System

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

J.H. Bennett builds solutions!

One of our customers came to us because they needed a cost effective, long lasting, pneumatic lubrication system that could consistently dispense a large amount of oil within a concentrated area.

So, the JHB technical service team got to work to design and build a system that fit their budget and accomplished all of their goals!

By utilizing a gravity feed with a pneumatically operated ejector, the system is able to consistently dispense 2 CC's of oil with no atomization! Due to the nature of their work, no atomization was a must. By forgoing the standard pump design and using the gravity feed, we were able to create the desired dispensing output while significantly reducing the cost to our customer.

This design also required that we use our large network of manufacturing partners in order to build a custom ejector that provides an even 360 coat of oil onto the customers medium. As a distributor for over 100 top manufacturers, we leverage those relationships to find the best products for the job.

To top it all off, the system is mounted on an easy to install board so all our customer has to do is plug in their current PLC and they are up and running.

We know your business has unique needs - that is why we are dedicated to being solution focused for our customers. Give us a call today to see how we can help solve your unique challenges.


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