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Advantages of Electro-Mechanical Actuators

Are you looking for an alternative in electro-mechanical actuators or wondering if they are right for your application? Our sales engineers are ready to help - give us a call today.

Elector mechanical actuators provide many benefits:

  • Improve machine performance due to accurate and smooth delivery of force.

  • Higher temperature variation resistance.

  • Less maintenance than hydraulic or pneumatic based applications.

  • Easy set up and installation

  • Ideal for clean operations such as food, beverage, packaging, and medical industries since there is no chance of air or liquid leakage.

  • Compared to equivalent hydraulic and pneumatic systems, they are available in modular design to provide complete control of motion profiles.

  • More energy efficient compared to hydraulic and pneumatic systems due to only using power when they are in use.

  • Quieter operation compared to pneumatic and hydraulic actuators.

  • They facilitate a high degree of customization in desired loads, duty cycles, and strokes and retract lengths.

  • Electro-mechanical actuators possess high speed and acceleration capabilities with excellent load bearing capacity

As an authorized dealer, we can help you get a great price and the right product for your application today.


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