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Elden Ring Crack Codex on PC

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Xelerate enthusiast added Darth Vader skin and Darth Maul sword to Elden Ring. The weapon of the latter has six color variations: red, yellow, purple, orange, green and blue. His model replaces a double-edged sword called the Godskin Peele.

In the near future, the modder will release the skin of Darth Maul himself. The video above also shows off a one-handed lightsaber that Xelerate hasn't added to Elden Ring yet. The craftsman recommends keeping an eye on new Star Wars mods so as not to miss anything.

Elden Ring CODEX Crack

Probably, in the future, gamers will be able to count on the appearance of models of other Sith and Jedi. An enthusiast can even try to stylize the entire game in the Star Wars universe. It would be extremely interesting to see the end result. For example, instead of magic, opponents can be given blasters - the scope for imagination is unlimited.

Elden Ring codex is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

Elden Ring Crack Codex

Elden Ring Crack Codex

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