J.H. Bennett Commodity Services Group specializes in satisfying the challenges present in today's dynamic industrial marketplace. We are currently a preferred commodity manager for Ford / Visteon, Chrysler, and General Motors. Along with vast technical knowledge, our dedicated staff applies state of the art systems to achieve goals in the following areas:

Inventory Control Savings Documentation Technical Consultation
Waste Reduction Process Analysis & Improvement Supply Chain Management
Part Specification Lean Procurement Services Inventory Management

Bin Stocking:



Prior to our fittings program this facility stored their fittings in closed drawers. This method was cumbersome and did not allow them any easy visibility to indicate, before an urgent need, that critical fitting inventories were low. Each drawer shown above could contain as many as 6 different fittings. This caused unnecessary confusion.




Now all fittings are kept in open faced bins that are clearly labeled. We have developed appropriate stocking levels for these fittings and lines marked on the inside of the bin indicate these levels. When a fitting level drops below the line this indicates to our personnel to generate a replacement order.

Currently implementing this central system of supply partner evaluation and feedback. This helps to ensure that we select only the suppliers most committed to quality.